Imagine a dinner you only talk about the exchange rates (Part 2)

This article is the second part of a full story about the exchange rates. The idea is to imagine a dinner where you can only talk about exchange rate, nothing else. And see what happens.

You can read Part 1 here


The wife: Yes, because the canadian dollar is very weak compared to the pound, trust me, you earn more.

The sister: No way it can be real.

The husband: Did you consider the cost of living before telling that?

The wife: Yes, sure. The cost of living is terrible here and in the Canada. So there is no impact.

The sister: Did you rest after your flight? I guess you don’t understand how exchange rates works anymore.

Here is how it can look like after this king of talk


The kids have watched 10 videos about the exchange rates and how it impacts the world. They are intellectually tired ang go back to table when they see that the cake is coming. The house is a mess but they succeed to sit.

The adults looks more peaceful. It’s like they said everything they had too. Except the sister of the man, she is crying, and saying her whole life is shit.

One of the kid (the older, this little genius graduated with 2 years advanced) stands up on his chair and starts to speak.

The cake is here! YAY!

Before this, I’d just like to say something… What if, we would all have one and only one money, so the exchange rates would disappear? No more fights about how the euro is better than the pound, or how because of the canadian dollar value, you earn more

All the adults are speachless. What if the kid were right, actually? Then, the crazy uncle says : it’s a nice idea, sweetie, but it does not exist and it won’t never exist. For a lot of reasons that you can’t underst…

Yes, it already exists! This money is bitcoin. And if we were all using it, we would have had a better christmas! I could even have played video games, maybe!

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