Imagine a dinner you only talk about the exchange rates

During this christmas period, I wanted to come to you, lovely readers, with a new funny kind of article. We are all exchange rates experts here, so I thought it would be funny to imagine a christmas dinner where you can only talk about the exchange rates.


Ok, let’s take a small family to avoid to write a full novel.

Here are the main people: the old fashion way grand-father, the expat couple coming back for christmas (the man is from the family), the crazy single uncle, the sister of the man and her husband, living in their home country; all the kids.

The family lives in UK, and the expat couple in Canada.

The beginning of the exchange rate dinner. Looks pretty nice, huh?


As each talk about the exchange rate, it would start the same way: have you seen the dollar value today? Crazy how it dropped, right?

Yes, it’s always the same with the dollar. It keeps being very volatile. I don’t know why.

Well, I know why! Says the wife of the man. One word is enough to understand: Trump.

The Uncle: What Trump? What do you have against Trump?

The wife: I’m just saying that if the dollar is so volatile since 2 months, it’s because of him. Markets went crazy in november, and it never stopped. It’s hard to find trust in these currency. In january, Trump becomes officially president, we will have the kiss kool effect, 10 time stronger.

The Uncle: Trump is right from the beginning. We need a guy like him here. After the Brexit, he would go further.

The kids don’t talk, because they don’t even know what exchange rate means. They are all still youngs and they only want to play video games. Poors.

The husband of the wife (brother of the Uncle): You don’t know what you are talking about, please stop.


The starter is over and the main course just arrived on the table.

The sister of the man, to his wife: So… How is life in Canada? You earn a lot, right? It must be easy for you and the kids. La bella vida, as would say our italian friends.

The wife: Well, you know, according to the exchange rate between pound and canadian dollar, I can tell you it’s very expensive to come here for us. If we consider currencies value, you earn more than me.

The sister: What?? I earn more than you? HAHAHA. This one is the best.

The kids don’t want to eat anymore, and asked to go to watch a Youtube videos to help them understand what is the exchange rate.

The crazy uncle starts to say no matter what, it’s the Pakistan’s fault. Her sister tells him to drink slower. He disagree and get a shot.

The part 2 is coming soon with the end of the main course and of course, the dessert. I hope you enjoyed it!

Spoiler ALERT: The fight is coming…. 😉

Yes because you know that exchange rates can be a very sensitive subject.

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